Employment and Social Affairs: Employment Opportunities for Women in Remote Areas

Posted by : Alexandra Charitonidou
Country : Greece
Date : 18.05.2010
Profession : employee
From : Institute of Entrepreneurship Development
Target institution : DG Enterprise and Industry
Problem status :

In many European countries, the percentage of women's employment still remains low. Especially, in many remote and agricultral areas women face problems relating to work and social exclusion. Entrepreneurship could constitute a solution towards the professional and social inclusion of women. Which policies and methods, however, can be implemented towards this direction?

This problem was extended reaching young people and at-risk groups who are facing the same challenges, during the Training ENGAGEMENT organized for the project "Entrepreneurship - Just Do It" funded by the Youth in Action Programme. Host: Students' League from Electronics Faculty Iasi.

Solutions received from citizens

Asociatia Liga Studentilor Electronisti din Iasi

Asociatia Liga Studentilor Electronisti din Iasi, Romania, NGO (26.03.2011)

-The State should implement many programs through which youth, students can simulate that they have a job (for a long period);
-The State should develop a program in which should encourage big companies from Romania to offer practice stages and if a student has very good knowledge and skills he should be hired immediately;
-companies should come in colleges for making recruits during the study year;
-changing mentality;
-create a law fpr companies to employ less seniors;
-the developement of the infrastructure

IYAC, Bulgaria, Students (26.03.2011)

Firstly, we should put the accent on a more effective educational system.. it should focus on the practical aspect, instead of theoretical one. To be up-to-date especially with specific computer programmes and technology as a whole. The education should promote more soft skills such as:
• Group work
• Leadership
• Presentation skills
• Communication skills
• Management skills
Secondly, the connection between business and education should be encouraged. For instance, special university programmes that support students in the process of finding a job, in the field of the studies. In this context, a significant role can play various university and youth organizations. Direct contact between students and business should be stimulated through forums which gather both sides, such as “Career day’s”, “Business meets university” and “Business n practice”.
Thirdly, increasing the number of paid interships will lead to a more sufficient traineeship from the corporation side as they are not willing to lose their investments.
On the basis of these 3 prerequisites we will create a “win-win” situation.

Gintare, Lithuania, student (26.03.2011)

1. The government could make a possibility for young, uneducated people to get a specialization in a certain profession (for example: plumber, carpenter, barber, cosmetologist etc.) during special courses, which would be free and held in a convenient place. The duration of courses could be approximately 3 – 6 month.
2. The government could motivate young people (until 25) to create their own business by lowering taxes during first year of activity. In this way, young people could not only create work place for them self, but also for others.
3. In the Universities there could be conferences for students and employers (of certain fields related to the studies) to discuss the issues and requirements of the jobs. Results:
• Students could get the deeper understanding of employers’ expectations. It could help students to get a job easier while studying.
• The dialogue would help students to be more confident about their future career.
Also, the Universities could organize non formal lectures, where students would be taught leadership, public speaking, presenting yourself for employer, creating you image etc. All these skills are needed to integrate effectively in working environment.
 zeynep bilgen,korhan alper serttas,kadriye semerci, abdullah aktarli and salih iltenmis

zeynep bilgen,korhan alper serttas,kadriye semerci, abdullah aktarli and salih iltenmis, Turkey, university student and teacher (26.03.2011)

The reasons of employment between young people: -Insufficient education facilities(especially university) -Over population in the country -Heavy workload -Insufficient job training courses -Lack of skills for certain jobs -Young people want to have easy job but a lot of money -Not improving oneself Solutions To Problems: -Creating more job training courses -Directing young people to new working areas -Family planning for over population -Motivation courses -Reducing heavy workload -Improving occupation chambers -We have to get better our exports to world In recent years the training courses is opened by government. When you are training course; it pays money to people. These courses about: -Mechanic -Manifacturing -Human resources -Tecnology Management -About Computer Programmer -Sales Management -Entrepreneurship -Inovation -Import and export management -Accounting management some certain jobs are associated with men and while some other jobs are associated with women and this creates in equality between gender. As a result, men are employed more in some sectors. Also, despite doing the same job women are paid less compared to men. And finally according to the developing reports from United Nations these results lead to `poverty becomes more familiar between women\young people.` putting limitations for women makes it more difficult for them get a job, especially in private sector, they put rules, such as not getting pregnants for. At least three to five years  and that`s why if there are two applications from two different gender, males are prefered, because of such discrimination.

society rules and traditional place many expectations from women, generally these rules turning to obligations. Teherefore, women have too many responsibilities and they have to make choise between carrier and house.

All these reasons prevent women getting from a job and unemployment rate of women is higher compared to that of women.national precautins are too important for unemployment of women. government should come up with citizens and organizations some project in order to find solutions for such problems. People should be made aware of such problems.   

Agata Bernat

Agata Bernat, Poland, youth in action (26.03.2011)

- improve knowledge of entrepreneurship in schools
- create social campaigns about self-employment and subsidies
- more practice at university
- every student should have more classes about entrepreneurship no matter what one is studying
- develop the feeling of success in children, they should be aware that their hard work will end with success, benefit, profit etc.
- create campaigns promoting students as efficient workers
Youth center Kotlovnica Kamnik

Youth center Kotlovnica Kamnik, Slovenia, Youth workers (26.03.2011)

We believe the problem of youth unemployment is very serious and we necessarily need to look at the problem wholesomely.
We believe the EU should push the economies of individual countries with more regulations, to force companies into bigger division of profit so that working time could be lowered and there would be more possibilities for young people to work and give them more opportunities of gathering experience in the field of labour.
The schooling system (Bologna system) should be altered so that it would include more practical work in companies and less focus on teaching students the theory of work.
It is becoming more and more evident that employers are reluctant to hire people with degrees from the Bologna system as they see them without any proper experience.
Even companies which don`t produce good profits and are barely hanging on, could benefit immensely from youth workers which could contribute to the working process with their innovative approaches and enthusiasm which would, without a doubt, result in the improvement of the of the companies systematization and results of the production process.
This would enable them to achieve larger profits, which in turn could serve as a fuel for this implemented change of the system.

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